Central spine staircases by CFL Steel are bespoke in design.  Created from a steel skeleton, they have a circular stringer section or one single box section under the centre of the staircase.

This stand-alone staircase structure, which doesn’t require a supporting wall, is a superb alternative to a cantilever staircase which does require structural support.  Using our experienced design team, CFL Steel can manufacture to your exact specifications ensuring a truly unique, one off creation.

The treads, which are attached to the central spine, can be designed and manufactured from a wide variety of materials in different colours and styles.  Choose from steel, glass, timber, leather or stone for a distinctive design finish.

A central spine staircase can be an architectural statement in its own right – they are contemporary and versatile.  The stand-alone structure allows natural light flow within any environment, be it residential or commercial, providing a flowing transition between the floors of your property.

CFL Steel has experience in manufacturing custom central staircases for both residential and commercial projects.  Working with engineers, designers and architects we have created stunning staircase installations across the UK.

CFL use cutting edge technology to create and manufacture individually designed, modern staircases delivered to exacting standards and modern tastes. Our high-end design approach and precision engineering guarantees a quality product that can be a luxury feature in any home, property or business for years to come.

The CFL team will manufacture and provide installation to your exact requirements for design, budget and also to building regulations.  Please contact us today to discuss your design requirements, our expert team will be only too pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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