A residential staircase can transform any space creating a stunning and unique focal point in your home.  The property improvement revolution, which has swept across the UK over recent years, has meant that CFL Steel has designed and manufactured some of the most striking residential staircases in the domestic market.  Whilst grand staircases used to feature only in stately homes or large public buildings, they are now becoming a more sought upon feature in residential properties.

Modern residential staircases are designed by CFL Steel to your specifications taking into consideration elements to allow the passage of light, different materials and finishes, all in line with building regulations.  For so long the UK has been stuck in the dark ages with cheap softwood stairs with closed risers and covered in carpet.  Now is the time to revolutionise the ‘the normal’ and choose a staircase which is going to be the stand out feature in your home.

Most residential staircases will feature a handrail, this will give you the opportunity to further personalise your staircase – CFL Steel can manufacture a range of handrails to your own bespoke design. There are various product possibilities for a residential staircase and by combining these products, you can create your own unique design.  Once the steel structure is created, other materials can be added such as timber, glass and stone.

Working with engineers, designers and architects CFL Steel has created stunning, residential staircase installations across the UK.  Please contact us today to discuss your design requirements, our expert team will be only too pleased to help with any questions you may have.


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