A balustrade is a railing (handrail) and the row of balusters (posts) that support it; a balustrade can also be known as railing, banister, handrail, rail or parapet! Balustrades are installed for health and safety purposes to prevent people from falling but, they can still be very aesthetically pleasing and beautifully crafted.

CFL Steel specialise in the design, fabrication and installation of bespoke staircases with unique balustrades.  However, bespoke balustrade designs can be manufactured to fit an existing staircase whether it is constructed from, timber, concrete or steel.

We can also manufacture balustrades for other applications such as mezzanine floors, bridges, walkways, balconies and terraces.

CFL Steel are balustrade specialists!  Our design team will work closely with you to ensure the brief is fully met prior to moving into manufacture, installation and project completion.  We welcome the opportunity of getting involved at the very beginning of your project and CFL Steel will work with you throughout the whole process to deliver a unique, truly bespoke and contemporary or traditional balustrade for your home or business.

Our team will also ensure that your balustrade design complies with building regulations, is delivered on time and to budget.  We can also offer advice on material options.

Working with engineers, designers and architects CFL Steel has created stunning, balustrade installations across the UK.  Please contact us today to discuss your project requirements, our expert team will be only too pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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