Helical stairs are fabricated to have the appearance of a helix or curve. The name comes from the famous and highly distinctive structure of a double helix, the shape of a DNA molecule, in which two strands twist around each other.

Dramatic and elegant in design, especially if free-standing, this staircase will be the centrepiece in any property.  These curved stairs lead you from one level to the next by way of a flowing helix rotation. Because of its unique shape this type of staircase is ideal for retail, showrooms and commercial offices. In addition, they are also suitable for, and look stunning, in residential properties.

Helical staircases do not have a supporting column, which allows for innovative and stylish designs. Helical staircases can also be made to form an oval or elliptical configuration adding a striking focal-point to any room.

Most curved staircases will feature a handrail on each side, this will give you the opportunity to further personalise your staircase as CFL Steel can manufacture a range of handrails to your own bespoke design.

There are various product possibilities for a helical staircase and by combining these products, you can create your own unique helical staircase.  Once the steel structure is created, other materials can be added such as Walnut, glass and stone.

CFL Steel has experience in manufacturing custom curved staircases for both residential and commercial projects.  Working with engineers, designers and architects we have created stunning, helical staircase installations across the UK.

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