Spiral Staircases offer a dramatic solution while minimising the usage of floor space.

Spiral staircases have a central column and a compact, circular design.  A wow factor focal-point can be created using just a small space as relatively little surface area is required for installation.

CFL Steel can provide a wide choice of design options to ensure that your bespoke staircase suits the space it was created for.  There are a variety of materials available to incorporate into your design such as glass, stainless steel and timber.  The choice of materials for a spiral staircase can enhance any interior by complementing certain building features or let the staircase be the focal-point itself!

We can design and fabricate spiral staircases for interior and exterior projects as well as commercial and residential properties. A commercial spiral staircase for instance, might be significantly larger than one found in a home where you would expect a narrow or compact design.

The spiral staircase has a circular plan and consists of entirely winding treads. The central column running through the stairs is manufactured using steel, making a solid, safe and strong structure. The treads can be formed from timber, steel, glass or stone. Bespoke balustrades can be fixed to metal or timber treads to your own design.

CFL Steel are experienced as bespoke spiral staircase manufacturers.  We have a proven track record in producing stylish spiral staircases for small spaces and the company has experience of producing even extremely narrow spiral staircase options!  Conversely, we have also produced large scale spiral staircases for commercial and industrial projects.

The CFL team will manufacture and provide installation to your exact requirements for design, budget and also to building regulations.

Please contact us today to discuss your design requirements, our expert team will be only too pleased to help with any questions you may have.

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